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Nowadays, plastic bottles can be found in every household. We specialize in designing and manufacturing plastic bottles and other plastic packaging. We also believe it is important to focus on reducing the ecological footprint of all users of plastic bottles.

Not just plastic bottles.
At, we firmly believe in socially responsible business practices. We are closely involved in society, and the environment. Why? Because we don’t believe that we have inherited the world from previous generations, we only have it on loan for future generations. It is our responsibility to take action where necessary.

That is why we apply the concept of ‘sustainability’ as much as possible. This concept is integrated in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and recycling of plastic bottles.

Small steps, big results. Even small things can have a big impact. It doesn’t always take a huge amount of time or money to make a difference. How do we do this in practice? We focus on this during the design phase, production of plastic bottles, and even by using recycled products in the office.

  • We use sustainable products and rely on environmentally-friendly energy as much as possible. We use green energy, buy fair trade coffee, part of our office furniture is made from recycled materials, we use recycled company clothes, even the building materials for our warehouse are made from recycled bitumen felt.
  • Transport. Part of our vehicle fleet consists of energy-efficient cars that have a green ‘A label’.
  • Distribution. We specifically chose a location in the north part of the Netherlands (Groningen, near the German border). This means less traffic jams and more efficient transport kilometres. We also offer a positive contribution to employment in the region, and enjoy economic benefits such as a sufficient supply of workers and lower land prices. Our new, modern distribution centre was put into use at the end of 2012; all stocks are now available from one location.
  • Labour participation and rehabilitation. We offer workplaces and workplace integration for people with a disadvantage in the labour market. They are supervised by a team of specialists in the field of plastic bottles. commenced this initiative commenced in 2013, and proved to be an instant success.
  • * Development. Our sister company, PackagingLab is involved in more than just designing products. It also conducts research into innovative materials that have less impact on the environment, like bio-plastics and recycled, plastic materials.
  • The external servers that we use are lean and energy-efficient. Our computer network is hosted externally via a ‘cloud’ network; we don’t have our own server.
  • We support charities like WWF and WSPA.