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One2Dose Liquid Dosingcap PP 20 ml natural

Dosingcap One2dose PP natural, highly suitable for liquid products. A 20ml cap...

Screwcap + insert PP white 24.410

Standard screwcap with insert for reduced pouring opening..

Spraypump PP white 24.410

Spraypump PP white with transparent overcap suitable for 24.410 neck. Tubular pump is cut to size a..

Mini-Triggerpump PP white 24.410

Triggerpump mini design. Suitable for nebulisers and injections..

Alu Screwcap + EPE inlay 1 mm 24.410

Aluminium screwcap with 1mm EPE inlay suitable for 24.410 neck..

Childproof screwcap PP + insert white 24.410

Childproof screw cap PP with plug white suitable for 24.410 neck..

Fliptopcap PP white 28.410

Ribbed fliptopcap PP white suitable for 28.410 neck...

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